03 January 2007

Keeping faith with Fidel

If you think that this title is about Cuba, it is not. To be precise - not exactly. This post is about one of the dinosaurs that are still populating the citadel of free press in United Kingdom. The name is Tom Fawthrop(e), and the example of his fawning over the disaster that Cuba became under the glorious leadership of the (hopefully) fading away dictator is here.

The Cuban system, founded on the twin pillars of free education and health for all, coupled with high international standards, could achieve long-term sustainability. Other sectors, though, are in serious need of overhaul and reform and change.
At first I thought that this quote is borrowed from the incomparable DPRK news site that we all use to love, cherish and hold our stomachs after a good refreshing laughter after reading some. But no, it is a British journo, so try not to look delighted. I could mention that gallows are sometimes founded on twin pillars too and that these two pillars are quite rotten: one due to suppression of any book that is deemed dissident and the second because the doctors, indeed more numerous than pigs in Cuba, have to resort to witchcraft due to lack of basic medicines, tools and accessories. But I wouldn't, of course. So let's start with the subtitle:
A transition to a more reform-minded regime is underway in Cuba, but the show is far from over for Castro's socialist revolution.
Of course, it may be news for Mr Fawthrop, but the "socialist revolution" in Cuba stopped more or less after the establishment of Castro's regime. Now it is a dictatorship, pure and simple, and the opulent style of the ruling elite's life on the background of poverty, political oppression and prevailing racism against the black citizens are not much different from any two-bit dictatorship. The street placards, the slogans and the public adoration of "the most equal of all equals" do not a socialism make.
A few years ago, the US government launched its plan for a "Transition to a Free Cuba" - a plan for Cuba's future with made in the US, stressing a free market system and a US-style multiparty democracy. This has long been ridiculed not only by the Cuban government, but even by some of its dissident critics resident in Havana.
Let's leave aside US, its diabolical plans and free market. So Cuban government and some (unnamed) "dissident critics" ridicule the mere idea of multiparty democracy? Big surprise and a strong argument for dictatorship - two birds with one stone. Surely a single party "democracy" is the best version for something even our journo calls "Caribbean communism". How this sympathy for dictatorship aligns with the following quote, then:
One explanation is that when a parliament fails to hold ministers accountable, and where is no free press, monstrous malpractices and corruption get concealed.
How will the new, more benevolent, single party democracy cope with government accountability, freedom of the press, monstrous malpractices and corruption is a closely held secret - do not look for an answer in the article. The many vague hints on some unspecified reforms and Soviet style sentences like the next quote cannot even pretend to provide an answer.
It seems that even Raul Castro has got the message about this from the younger generation, including his own daughter. In his speech to the opening session of the new parliament, he urged ministers to "tell it like it is, tell the truth without justifications because we are tired of justifications in this revolution".
Do you see in the above the fairy tale about the cruel king and his good natured daughter who softens his heart? Maybe some of the journalists incarcerated for telling the truth will get a reduction of their sentences? After all, there is more where they come from.

Oh well, if you like to read more of that well-intended brain dead crap, you are welcome. A special space is reserved for some examples of the priceless comments from the Guardian regulars:

Today it is the NeoCons who dominate the main political parties in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc. And what are the NeoCons? They are a sort of political resurrection of Anglo-Israelism, (with a few adjustments such as allowing the Jews, as opposed to just the "real" Israelites, the WASPs, into the camp).
Now if upon mature reflection the jew-boys could be admitted into the ranks of the Israelites, might not a further Revelation allow the Micks a similar dispensation (for verily there are certain advantages to be had ?).
Jew-boys, Micks and the shining beacon of Cuban socialism - all according to the Guardian best and finest...

If it wasn't for Fidel Castro this world would have gone to the dogs already.

As the one leader that has produced a sucessfull Socialist state, Castro showed all of us that logic and common sence were not dead after all, and that you can stand up and fight against Hell itself or in this case, a maniac, murderous, genocidal regime: usa capitalism.

I mean, if it wasn't for Castro we'd all probably be implanted by now.
Surely it is the implant doing all the talking for that one...

Is it not time that we follow the Cuban example and have the democratic right to elect our own prime minister and also be able to vote to recall him/her?
It must be quite the time. If there are enough characters like this one in a country. Just make sure there is 1 (one) candidate for any post, and you are all set...

Any excesses by Castro have been far surpassed by past regimes such as those in Chile, Guatamela, Nicaragua, Zaire and Uzbekistan.
The ijit clearly does not see where does he put Cuba with that list. Guatamela...

Fidel Castro is my hero. It amazing he has been in power for such a long time?
Amazing indeed. Why didn't Cubans elect somebody else all these years, I wonder...not.

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