14 January 2007

These pesky civilians

The incomparable Aljazeera.com is bravely denouncing the US Zioimperialist strikes on the defenseless Somalia Islamists.

The article is a jumble of contradictory statements, as could be seen for these two quotes:

Somali officials confirmed the death of many people in Monday's strike -- the first overt U.S. military action in Somalia since a disastrous humanitarian mission ended in 1994.

"America wants to cause confusion as a pretext to give it reason to once again attack and destroy the Republic of Somalia," SUPKEM chairman Abdulghafur El Busaidy said during a Press Conference.
"Once again" means that there has been another, prior attempt by US to attack and destroy the republic of Somalia. Strange, ain't it. On the other hand it is the Islamic Courts that are doing their best to depose the current government. Go figure...

There are two other interesting angles in the article.
Days after the U.S. air strikes in Somalia, which sparked worldwide criticism and resulted in the death of many civilians, reports emerged that British passport holders were involved in the fighting.
Looks like the export of Islamic extremists becomes one of the significant items in British economy lately. Unless the air strike hit a tour bus full of old ladies from north Ipswich. Which is somewhat unlikely in the circumstances.

And regarding these "many civilians" angle: it seems that the Palestinian knack of declaring each Kalashnikov-clad terrorist (er... "freedom fighter") a civilian as soon as his Kalashnikov and the spare magazines are passed to the next martyr-to-be, has been eagerly adopted by other freedom fighting outfits in different parts of the world.

In any case, apparently the AlJazeera.com folks like that picture of the C-130 gunship in all its glory. Just make sure you don't find yourself on its business end, comrades.

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