02 January 2007

Hey, it was only superficial, anyway!

Oh dear... I really didn't mean the joke to go that far:

In that old post I have hinted on some remote likeness of Haniyeh and Clooney:

Of course, I said (quote):

No, no, I am not trying to hint that Haniyeh and Clooney were separated at birth, the likeness is too superficial in this case. I can only state that I have a suspicion now who is the role model for Haniyeh's make-up team...
It seems the man had taken this remark too personally and is changing his exterior. Ostensibly for the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. But you know the real reason now.

At least he was clever enough not to be shaved at home in Gaza. Who knows, the barber could have been some volunteer from Fatah or any other gang that rivals that of Haniyeh...