19 January 2007

Carter: no doubts at all now

The Ynet report: Carter: Palestinian rockets not terrorism removed the last shadow of doubt in my mind.

Former US President Jimmy Carter told al-Jazeera television he "was not equating Palestinian missiles with terrorism," during an appearance on the Arab satellite station on Sunday.
All of you who tried to explain his strange behavior by bias, corruption etc. - you can get down from the moral high horse. The man is obviously loopy. Barmy. A few tacos short of an enchilada. There is nothing to worry about but to make sure that he receives humane treatment, necessary medication and a padded room - just in case, because you never know with such characters...

To prove my point further, here comes another good one:
Responding to criticisms of his book, Carter added: "Most of the condemnations of my book came from Jewish American organizations, which think that I believe there is racial segregation inside Israel. I don't base it on that."
Should we expect a condemnation from the United Council of Eskimo Tribes instead? And what does he mean by "I don't base it on that.": segregation on Israel or Israel on segregation? Bonkers, I say. Gone to a very long lunch and forgot to return...

Unless, of course, somebody persuaded him that the rockets in question are not what they seem to be to an amateur observer. I hesitate to say this, but there were rumors indeed that Gazan rocket scientists strive to develop a mail delivery system that will reduce the transit time of post sent from Gaza to the West Bank. The rockets falling short of target on Sderot and other Jewish villages is just a temporary technical glitch that will be straightened out in due time.

There even are plans, hitherto undisclosed, I hear, to put a picture of a dove on each rocket. That to ensure that people of Sderot understand and accept these totally non-terrorist rockets. A competition for the best picture of a Palestinian dove is gearing up as we speak.

The only condition is that the dove must resemble Jimbo. Go figure...