04 January 2007

POW status for Hezbollah boys?

From Haaretz report:

Six Hezbollah detainees being held by Israel since the second Lebanon war will petition the High Court of Justice on Wednesday, asking that they be recognized as prisoners of war.

Attorneys for the six, Semadar Ben-Nati and Itai Hermalin, who were appointed by the Public Defender's Office, are also to ask the court to allow their clients to be visited by the International Red Cross. Israel has blocked such visits after Red Cross representatives saw the men only twice.
I am totally for strict adherence to Geneva convention and for pampering and cuddling our would be killers. However, in this case it is a bit too much. And allowing the Red Cross to see the men twice is two times too many.
Israel's attitude in this case contradicts its policy, which allows the Red Cross to visit foreign nationals imprisoned in Israel, including terrorists, whom Israel does not recognize as prisoners of war. The stance in this case is a response to Hezbollah's refusal to allow Red Cross representatives to meet with the two Israel Defense Forces soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser.
Sorry for being so unfeeling, cruel and inhuman. But there is Ron Arad and many others to think about. They too happen to be human, they too are sons, husbands, fathers...

So Geneva convention be damned.

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