31 January 2007

Thrice failed

AP wasn't my personal cup of tea, there are people who are much better in this specific subject.

But I have stumbled by an accident on an article Palestinian bomber had lost his daughter by one Sarah El Deeb, AP writer. The title triggered a chain of guesses even before I started to read the text: uhu, probably these Zionists deliberately (as usual, of course), shot the bomber's daughter to pieces, which act of murderous genocidal maniacs was the turning point in the life of the young idealistic Mohammed (this is the name of the bomber).

It appears that I was wrong:

The Palestinian who blew himself up in the Israeli resort of Eilat on Monday was unemployed, despondent over the death of his baby daughter and driven to avenge his best friend's killing by Israeli troops, relatives said.

Dozens of neighbors celebrated outside 20-year-old Mohammed Siksik's house after the fiery attack that killed him and three other people, waving his photo and praising him as a martyr. Inside, his mother greeted mourners with a smile.

"He told me: 'Meeting God is better for me than this whole world,'" said Rowayda Siksik, wearing a white veil.

She said her son told her only that he was going to carry out an operation inside Israel. "He said, 'Goodbye, I am going, mother. Forgive me.' I told him, 'God be with you.'"

Siksik never found steady work, getting by with occasional jobs with his father, installing tiles. "You can't find work in this place," his mother said. Her son lost his 7-month-old daughter to a nerve disease, she said.
A quick analysis of the above quote shows:
  • That the bomber's daughter has succumbed to a disease - not to a hail of Israeli bullets
  • That the bomber was unemployed
  • That at some unspecified time IDF killed his friend, for unspecified reasons
  • That dozens of neighbors (also called "mourners" further) celebrated the occasion
  • That the "bereaved" mother is greeting the "mourners" with a smile
  • That the above mentioned mother gave her son a blessing, sending him to commit the murders
I was trying for a moment to imagine an Israeli, some unemployed Moshe (we have quite a lot of unemployed too, unfortunately) whose daughter was taken from this life by a disease and whose friend was killed by a Palestinian bullet or bomb or by a Hizballah' rocket. I have tried to see Moshe building himself an explosive belt and going to Gaza or West Bank to blow himself up in a bakery or pizzeria or hotel.

I have failed.

But, assuming that our Moshe succeeds in this imaginary task, I have tried to imagine an AP (or CNN, or AFP, or Reuters) writer sitting down a day after the atrocity that has taken three innocent lives and writing an article that will be as full of understanding and sympathy to the plight of Moshe as the article we are talking about here is to the plight of Mohammad. I have tried to imagine an article that will not mention the perfidy of the insidious Zionists, the brainwashing that Moshe underwent in his synagogue (if our Moshe was religious, otherwise in his Zionist cell). I have tried to imagine that this article will not mention Moshe's innocent Arab victims in more than one measly sentence...

I have failed again.

And of course, I have made a supreme effort to imagine the Jewish crowd celebrating our Moshe's "martyrdom" near Moshe's house and his mother smilingly receiving the celebrating "mourners". And handing around video clips with Moshe bravely embracing that AK-47, with the Israeli flag on the background, berating the Palestinians and singing Hatikva just before embarking on his last murderous adventure.

I have failed again.

Oh, but I am reminded by the usual suspects - it is that occupation of Gaza...

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