24 January 2007

Alessandra Mussolini - Reflections of an MCP

That is Male Chauvinist Pig - for the acronym challenged. And the purpose of the heading is to preempt the inevitable response from some rogue elements among our readers. Now to the subject.

Seeing some lively discussions about the rise of the fascist wing in the European parliament and the frequent mentions of the Italian feather in that wing - one Alessandra Mussolini, I have done some basic googling to educate myself on this interesting character. To confess to my ignorance: at first I got an impression that there are several persons with the same name, but that Wiki link settled my confusion.

It appears that Alessandra has passed at least one significant stage on her way to the political career. At first, she was quite successful as an actress and topless model, witness this (relatively prudent) Italian playboy cover*:

After a career in the movies (where, remarkably, she played a nun rescuing Jews from Benito Mussolini's fascists in The Assisi Underground), Alessandra discovered her gramps' genes and decided to move into politics. And this is how she looks now as a neo-fascist MEP:

What can I say (this is where the MCP butts in, pay attention!): I think I have liked her much better as a servant of Melpomene and Eros than as a servant of Benito's ghost cum politician. If this is any indication of my male chauvinism or remaining buds of dormant anti-feminism, I plead guilty and am ready to serve my time in a feminist-controlled institution of the jury's choice.

And to think that this lady is a niece of The Goddess!


(*) To all who decides to google for other images of Alessandra, following my steps: make sure your underage relatives are busy elsewhere.



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