03 January 2007

Capital idea, Avigdor!

While Avigdor Lieberman (minister for strategic threats) is busy up to his keister in the matters concerning his sworn personal enemy Mahmoud Ah my dinner jacket, he seems to continue generating fresh strategic ideas with an alarmingly growing speed. As well as producing no end of strategic threats to Mahmoud and spoiling his lunch, of course.

The latest idea is not precisely new, but the timing is all important, as they say:

Cabinet minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that Israel should work actively toward joining NATO and the European Union.
I am sure that both NATO and EU are breathlessly waiting for Avigdor to make that historic phone call. And I can already see Avigdor on his white horse at the head of a NATO armored column, receiving the key to Tehran from the broken and weeping Mahmoud...

I am sure there is a lot in that plan. Especially after looking at the picture above - it definitely has some hypnotic qualities (by the way, doesn't one of the eyes look artificial on that picture - I couldn't figure out which one?).
There is no doubt that membership in NATO would still afford us 100 percent freedom in military activity.
Absolutely. They will even welcome some action, what with sitting on their thumbs for such a long time. Oh, and while we are at it - how about joining the Warsaw treaty as well - they have lost a few members lately, I hear. And how about the League of Arab States - our cousins, after all?

But let's take it step by step in any case, shall we?

First some tranquilizer...