25 January 2007

Katsav indictment kicks off presidential race

This is what the media says. The body is still warm, so to say (it's a figger of speech), and the sharks are already circling.

Kadima's Peres is frontrunner in presidential race opinion polls show, representatives from Likud and Labor also aiming for presidency.
So why it is that my bookie refused to take my bloody money when I insisted I am going to put it all on the second place winner? And his living room furniture, his wife's diamond and his daughter's dental work is all my investment!

Polls shmolls. These polls will not settle the question of the winner, since it is only the 120 Knesset dwellers who are supposed to vote. And I want to appeal to their politicized unfeeling souls. Look at this man, people:

Look at his eyes full of anguish caused by this endless sequence of second places in any elections whatsoever. Look at the hope that still spring eternal in these eyes, anguish notwithstanding. For how many years do you want to continue this immoral and inhuman cruelty toward the man?

Do you know what? I wouldn't even try to bet on the second place anymore if you promise to show some humane consideration.