27 January 2007

Blogging - pet peeves and other stuff

What is it that I dislike when reading other blogs?

  • The 8-letter "word verification" crap in comments. Come on, Blogger, if you cannot deal with spam, buy them Haloscan people - they do an excellent job, we barely have spam here ever. No spam filter is going to get rid of stalkers, haters and such anyway.
  • Templates with bright letters on dark background. If the deity were planning that we read the stuff this way, surely we would have been given white ink and black papyrus?
  • Blogs that start playing music at you suddenly, causing you to drop your coffee mug in your lap.
  • Blogs that demand registration to allow you to write the same irrelevant inanities in the comments section as you would have done anyway.
  • Blogs that do not open the linked pages in the new window, requiring you to go back each time you are done with that link (I know Meryl will say a few strong words about that).
  • Blogs that are so loaded with features, animation, embedded or linked crap that it takes half an hour just to open them. If I wanted a multi-media show, I would have gone to one of these special places.
Enough for now, I am getting riled up here. Now we are starting the Elders' stopwatch to give you all some time to mend your ways...