04 January 2007

Introducing Nimrod Kamer

Nimrod Kamer is a journalist, performance artist and board of directors member of the Israeli film and television Directors Union.

Nimrod is also a Tel-Avivian and, between you and me, quite an interesting character. Just to give you a foretaste, follows a excerpt about one episode in his bio:

In the Israeli Army (2000-2003) Kamer was released as a first-sergeant and was well known across the army for the letter he sent to the Ramatcal (Chief of staff) of the IDF, informing him of his concerns of future earthquakes in the Golan Heights (where Kamer's base was at) and from active geysers in the area. The letter was spread throughout the IDF and is considered to be the first ever spam email message sent over 'Tsahal-Net' (The IDF internal network).
I think that it will never be boring around Nimrod. And since he decided to enter the world of English-language blogging, let's give him a hand. And a link