20 January 2007

A new player in Israeli politics?

It definitely looks like the colorful, albeit a bit crazy, potpurri of Israeli political map got another player of significance.

Hezbollah head hails resignation

Hezbollah head Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has welcomed the resignation of Israeli army chief Lt-Gen Dan Halutz in the wake of the two sides' summer conflict. Sheikh Nasrallah told his movement's al-Manar TV in Lebanon: "Any of them that don't resign will be forced out."
Hassan could definitely bring some new zest into the stagnating pool of same old names. I wonder which party will welcome him into its warm embrace? Or do I?

Likud Tables 'No Confidence' Following Halutz Resignation
The Likud faction in the Knesset tabled a no-confidence measure Wednesday, following IDF Chief of General Staff Halutz's resignation. The measure will be debated in the Knesset Plenum next Monday.
That could be a good idea, to think of it. Like the Likud's current honcho, Hassan could talk the socks off a deaf octogenarian. Unlike the Likud's current honcho, though, people whom Hassan wants assassinated, stay assassinated. So here...