18 January 2007

Ahmadinejad: Israel and the U.S. would not dare

Actually, he wanted to say: "Israel and the U.S. would not dare attack Iran", but it was a bit too long for a mere blog headline, so...

What it means is that Ah, my dinner jacket has started another (is it monthly or weekly, I wonder?) one in the long series of dick waving stand up performances. Look at me, he says:

Viewers, beware: the head in the above picture is the size of a peanut, albeit a big one - it may interfere with your size estimates.

"They well know the power of the Iranian people. I don't think they would ever dare to attack us, neither them nor their masters. They won't do such a stupid thing," Ahmadinejad told El Mundo during a visit to Nicaragua, referring to Israel.
It is rumored that in a private discussion after that interview Ah, my dinner jacket continued with his obsession with sizeism:

"Look how small both of them are in comparison", he exclaimed proudly.

Not to disabuse Mahmoud of this notion, the Elders would like to inquire about the nature of his activities as depicted in the following snapshot:

While not trying to cast any aspersions, we would like to be sure that there is nothing in these activities that his mom would be averse to seeing. In more details, that is. After all, the poor old lady had enough grief with the two previous snapshots:

To state it loud and clear: the Elders, as such, do not mind any way of... how to say it... expressing affection between two human beings, it is only the traditional ways Mahmoud mom is used to that are of concern to us. You see, in the latest news, directly related to Mahmoud indecent tonguing of the rabbi it says that the said rabbi's wife already left him and filed for a divorce...

Oh, and there is also that habit of mullahs to hang people in public places for not being traditional enough. Consider it and take care, Mahmoud.