04 January 2007

And you thought David Irving is a loon...

It appears that there are even sharper knives in that drawer. One of those is a character calling himself Eric Hufschmid who could teach Irving quite a few tricks. As a matter of fact, he is hell bent to teach Irving:

There are a lot of possible explanations for David Irving's behavior, but we should consider the possibility that David Irving is a Zionist tool, and the trial was a sham from the very beginning.

Have you heard the accusations that Irving is Jewish, a homosexual pedophile, and mentally unstable? Perhaps Irving was offered the choice of going to jail as a pedophile or as a Holocaust Denier.
Yep. But we have liked the picture of David Irving he uses. Apparently it was taken after an irate Joo made some creative redesign of Irving's exterior:

Pure pleasure. We also love the following picture of the Pope:

The above picture goes with the text: "Is the Pope really Catholic?". If your knee-jerk reflex was to ask whether a bear excretes in the woods, think again. After all, it is hardly a secret now, when the Elders are so open about our control of the world. And instead of laughing about the poor Youric Eric's state of mental health, you should commiserate with his broken heart.

And poor Eric wasn't told yet about the blue stars of David on Pope's underwear!

Unfortunately, this blog policy does not allow open links to such places, but if you got excited a bit about Eric, follow this trail:


There is more where this one come from, but don't laugh too much: Eric's is a sensitive and fragile soul.

P.S. I wonder whether Eric will eventually realise that he is a better tool of the Elders than even Irving?