12 January 2007

Inanities of the day

In an article A Chinese sphere of influence Aluf Benn says:

The immediate response of many Israelis to the news that their prime minister is visiting China is "what is he looking for there?"
But really, cannot Aluf Benn calm these Israelis down a bit? China is a huge country. We can even say humongous, and even Olmert will not cause it any lasting damage in one visit. I mean, take a look at this picture:

This is what happens in China when a sergeant enters the barracks and says: "You, you and you - come with me, we have a PM from a tiny country to honor".

On the other hand, same Aluf Benn reports that even during the exciting escapades in China bad news from Israel do not leave Olmert completely alone:
The call from home woke Yoram Turbowicz, the prime minister's chief of staff. When the evening news is aired in Israel, it is 2 A.M. in Beijing. On the other end of the line, Turbowicz learned that Baruch Kra of Channel 10 reported that in the near future a criminal investigation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would be opened in connection with the sale of Bank Leumi.
While dismissing the news lightly, Olmert had time to try on what many will suspect is a prison uniform:

Just in case, you know... I suspect he may bolt, asking for a political refugee status there. It is not for nothing Haaretz posted such an ambiguous headline:

I wonder, is Olmert so used to dismiss everything Meshal says, even when Meshal is right or he is feeling so far away at the moment that he says what he really thinks?

Maybe Olmert has already heard that MK Esterina Tartman declared that the Zionism suffered a lethal blow, and this explains his pessimism.

But no worries, Ehud: we are confident that same Esterina (or is it Histerina really?) could remove the source of her ire (Raleb Majadele, the newly anointed sport and science minister of Arab provenance). She could just give him The Look (as in that picture) and he wouldn't last long, you can take it to the bank.

On the other hand, the cavalry is already coming to the rescue of Raleb. When a Likud MK like Michael Eitan calls somebody's crap racist, the crap tends to stay racist.
He said that he "rejected with disgust Tartman's racist pronouncements".
Wow, dude!

In related news, colleague JudeoPundit reports on a UFO crash in Iran. That's cool, really. Maybe the aliens could chill out Mad Mahmoud a bit? Oh, and let them change his green halo to something more user friendly. Like blue?

Now to the ticker tape news related to the above:

12:08 Fars news agency: Three strong explosions jolt southern Iran (Reuters)

More UFOs? Or is it just Mahmoud the Mad displeased with something?

18:24 Iranian official arrested on suspicion of spying on Tehran nuclear program (Haaretz)

I don't know why they punish people for this. I am kinda curious too, you know, so arrest me!

Anyway, a few more items:

04:34 Israeli, Syrian officials mark 15th anniversary of historic summit in Spain (Haaretz)

That's a new one: now we'll start celebrating no-peace anniversaries?

17:00 German Interior Minister: EU must help Islam embrace the Enlightenment (Reuters)

It seems to go rather the other way around: Islam is embracing the EU. But whatever tickles them...

01:16 Barghouti: I will go on hunger strike if Hamas, Fatah continue fighting (Israel Radio)

We are already used to these fake hunger strikes of Bargouti.

The fatso can try Atkinson this time instead. It wouldn't work anyway.