21 January 2007

Tough luck

Or was it a tough duck?

A duck in the US state of Florida has survived gunshot wounds and a two-day stint in a refrigerator. A hunter shot the duck, wounding it in the wing and leg. Believing the bird was dead, he left it in his fridge at his home in Tallahassee. The hunter's wife got a fright when she opened the fridge and the duck lifted its head, a local veterinarian said.
There is a lesson somewhere in this story. What is clear, though: our hapless hunter has a low chance of enjoying the fruit (so to say) of his hard work:
Staff at the Goose Creek Animal Sanctuary who are treating the bird said it has a 75% chance of survival.
That means: 25% chance of seeing this, if I am not mistaken:

More chances of seeing this:

Next time wring their heads off to make sure your meal does not leave your fridge. And that you do not make yourself the laughing stock of all your hunter buddies...