25 January 2007

Outdoing a pessimist

The article with a headline like Israel's image hits nadir is bound to attract attention. Even of a person like I, who always (and in all languages I know) mixes zenith with nadir.

Of course, it is no other than Sever Plotzker, who for some unknown reason is stubbornly called Plocker in Ynet articles. And he even looks like a pessimist:

And this is more or less the gist of what he says:

Israel is no longer viewed as a thriving, high tech superpower or even as a brutal occupation power. It is viewed in a completely different light:

It's seen as a declining and dysfunctional country whose president is about to face charges of rape, whose prime minister will be interrogated on suspicion of advancing his associates' interests, whose finance minister will be ousted from his post due to an affair involving finances and non-profit organizations, whose army chief already resigned due to the failures of the war, and whose defense minister will soon be forced to follow suit.
Ehehe... If I were an optimist, I would have known what to answer: just look at the half-full part of that glass:
  1. The MSM is a fickle mistress, and will forget our little transgressions soon
  2. We are still more than moderately high-tech
  3. And fairly brutal
  4. But the president is a real macho, just look at him here
  5. The care our PM shows to his near and dear is proof that he will take good care of all of us
  6. Our finance minister shows his acumen in the money movements
  7. We have now a brand new CoS with a brilliant smile
  8. And the defense minister going will be a cherry on top of this... er.. OK, you get the drift!
But, being a bigger pessimist than Sever P. ever will, I do not say all of the above. Instead, I can assure Sever that it will go downhill all the way from now on. See, Sever, as a pessimist you must know that there are people better in the pessimism business than you are. Right?

Cheer up, Sever!