18 January 2007

No, really, Zeevik - welcome home!

The news fell on us like a... like a ton of marshmallow, to be precise.

MIAMI - A Florida court approved on Tuesday the plea bargain according to which Israel underworld kingpin Zeev Rosenstein will be convicted of conspiring to commit a crime and serve 12 years in an Israel prison.
To remind you what it's all about:
Tel Aviv District Police’s central unit had tried to put its hands on Rosenstein for some 20 years, and the mobster was eventually detained following a joint investigation by Israel Police and American law enforcement agencies over suspicions that he attempted to distribute a million Ecstasy tablets.
We are quite happy, indeed ecstatic to hear that Zeevik will soon be back home. We all think that he looks swell and that this short stay in Florida was good for him, just take a look:

Shaine punem, we all said. If you compare this picture with the old ones from the Israeli nick, you can easily see the improvement.

Er... now regarding that old post of ours... You see, Zeevik, after we have looked at it we have found there a sentence... Actually a part of a sentence that says "better you than me".

So, we want to make it absolutely clear: this is a typo! We swear that the original intention was to say "letter to you from me". Or something. In any case, we want to say that it is with deepest respect and admiration that we are watching your career and your plight in the hands of this heartless bureaucracy.

A measly million Ecstasy pills indeed. Feh. Whatever, you can count on us. Day and night.