17 January 2007

Islamophobia? You bet!

There are no words to describe the indignity of the obviously staged trial starting in London these days. The mere names list of the six accused folks should make one sit up and pay attention to that obviously biased and perverted comedy of justice:

Muktar Ibrahim, Manfo Asiedu, Hussein Osman, Yassin Omar, Ramzi Mohammed and Adel Yahya deny the charges.
Not to mention the pictures:

And what does this kangaroo court see as their transgression?
Six men planned a series of "murderous suicide bombings" on 21 July 2005 in London, a court has heard. The prosecutor told how six bombs were made using a mix of liquid hydrogen peroxide, chapati flour, acetone and acid.

Each bomb was placed in a large plastic container and screws, tacks, washers or nuts, were taped to the outside to "maximise the possibility of injury", Mr Sweeney said.
Pish! Hydrogen peroxide that is used by everyone to bleach his/her hair, acetone to remove the nail polish, acid to fight the especially stubborn corns - this is the whole crime? And chapati flour for donuts, not to mention the screws, tacks, washers and nuts that served these poor penniless folks as decoration for these cosmetics sets?

Really - show me a defence lawyer (barrister, shmarrister - don't give me this shit) that could not win this case, and I shall show you a loser. Now - you want real criminals - I shall show you some real criminals. In a related article:
A court in Casablanca has given two Moroccan journalists suspended sentences for defaming Islam and breaching public morality. The journalists' weekly magazine, Nichane, had published an article entitled How Moroccans laugh at religion, sex and politics. The court banned publication of the magazine for two months and fined Driss Ksikes and Sanaa al-Aji about $8,000. The journalists said the jokes they published were in common usage.
Common usage, eh? Blasphemers that should be beheaded. What times we are living in...