17 January 2007

BBC causes stutter - fact!

No need to rummage Snopes or to look for a needle in the Google haystack anymore, the fact is proved and clear to anyone. Here is a picture of the first victim of the cruel joke BBC played on some people:

This is a respectable (albeit French) historian, professor at Sorbonne. Here is his reaction when hearing these absolutely preposterous rumors about a possible unification of France and Britain:
Seeing these words for the first time, Henri Soutou, professor of contemporary history at Paris's Sorbonne University almost fell off his chair. Stammering repeatedly he said: "Really I am stuttering because this idea is so preposterous. The idea of joining the Commonwealth and accepting the headship of Her Majesty would not have gone down well. If this had been suggested more recently Mollet might have found himself in court."
I hope that BBC is in for a long and costly litigation now for this case of GBH. The situation with their practical jokers has clearly got out of hand. Even the cruellest psycho-war operators from the Elders' elite mindfuck group were aghast... There are some limits, you know.

And, speaking about Elders, the same article caused quite a lot of stuttering in our department as well. Take a look at this:
Tension was growing at this time along the border between Israel and Jordan. France was an ally of Israel and Britain of Jordan. If events got out of control there, French and British soldiers could soon be fighting each other.
Unlike the case of the professor, though, our psycho-med corps put an end to the symptoms very quickly. The injured operatives are back in service. But the Hasbarah department took the idea to heart, and is going to produce a "what if" movie about French and British armies fighting on the Jordan river. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Brad Pitt are already in Israel, scouting for the best location. An Italian general is being recruited as a military advisor, and professor Noam Chomsky, known for his strict adherence to historical facts will write the scenario. The official producers: Italy/Germany. The genre (either a musical or a slapstick comedy) - to be decided upon later.

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