10 January 2007

Little knowledge...

is a dangerous thing, as some people learn only too late, to their chagrin.

Dick Stanley, the Texas Scribble, shares a sweet news item. I just must copy/paste it:

Minnesota Muslim congressman Keith Ellison's use of Thomas Jefferson's two-volume copy of the Koran to take his oath of office was a pretty slick idea, until you consider that Mr. E. probably didn't take the time to turn a few of its pages and read what was written there. If he had, according to the Austin-based community Web site Altmuslim.com, he would have discovered that the translator, George Sale, "calls the Prophet Muhammad a 'criminal... imposing a false religion.'" Oops.
Yeah. Oops would be a mildest description of that... no, I do not swear on Wednesdays.

But where's our embarrassment symbol? Oh, here it is: