01 March 2006

Urgent - to the PR department


It's quite the time to review the subject of the visual aids the Elders are using to terrify the world. Check again what we (the Hasbara dept.) have at our disposal - same old stuff, blue on white with occasional droplet of blood-red here and there.

Now take a good look at this:

It comes from a site with a complicated name of batr.net/nworealpolitik/. Granted, even without reading their rants it is clear that we are talking about kooks of a very low rank, but totally out of their tiny minds. Still - examine the picture. Obviously they use some superb marching powder or some other shit of highest quality. And they have an excellent artist.

I have already submitted to the Operations a request to check how these nimrods got hold of a snapshot of one of our operatives (David from the Heavy Stuff dept.) on a mission. It was during the days when we spread the constipation virus all over Syria (Ha ha ha - remind me to tell you about it when we have a beer).

Now - I would like you to get Shoshana and Moshe on a new logo pronto. Tell them they can use any kind of shit, including the newest ones from our labs. Save the one we feed to that Iranian dork Ahma... whatever. It is useless for visual stuff.

So get going, and we need the results like yesterday.