10 March 2006

Hollywood - Shmollywood: Center

Penning (keyboarding would be more apt) that little piece on NRO article about the one-sidedness in the latest Hollywood output, I did not expect that Meryl will see a need to "counterpunch" it. Moreover, I have even remarked on NRO as "the distillery of the rightwing voice", far from identifying myself with NRO. Indeed, while having quite a few talented people on the roster, they are not to my personal taste. It would be hard to classify me as a rightwinger, especially in USA, where a card-carrying Democrat is somewhere to the right of the typical European rightist. I am quite left of center, and would blush if forced to tell you what that insidious Political Compass says about me.

But enough with generalizations, that are usually wide off the mark in any case, and back to Shmollywood. And I completely agree with Meryl that the prime motivating drive of this place is to make money, and the money is made in one way only - producing stuff that attracts customers.

Still, the question is: why is that none of the subjects raised by Mark Goldblatt in the linked article found its way not only in the list of nominees, but in any new movie made by a serious producer? And I do not count the endless thrillers with Muslims playing the role of modern Injuns and indomitable Schwartzy doing his stuff.