30 March 2006

So who is The Most Democratic One?

Ynet reports on an amazing (no, just mildly interesting) lecture by Libyan president. This one:

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi lectured a U.S. audience on democracy on Thursday and said Libya is the only real democracy in the world.

Via a video link, Gaddafi addressed an unprecedented gathering of U.S. and Libyan academics prompted by a thaw in relations since the former pariah state decided in 2003 to abandon nuclear weapons and took responsibility for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

He touted Libya's political system as superior to "farcical" and "fake" parliamentary and representative democracies in the West."

We don't want to piss on Muammar's parade, but we believe that there are a few competitors for the title of "The Most Democratic One". See some of them:

(Mind you, the above are just for starters, there are many more where they come from.)

Besides, Muammar, if you want to participate in a fair and open bid for the title, you have to decided first on that name of yours: is it Qaddafi, Gaddafi, al-Ghadafi, Gadafi, Qadhafi, ...?

It was good and peachy when queuing for Soviet assistance as several Arab rulers. But in the free and fair market to bid for a title you have to consolidate these names into one.

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