02 March 2006

David Irving - like Galileo?

Asked such a question out of the blue, you would, probably, wonder what are the criteria for such a comparison. Scientific genius - after all, only one of the two is a scientist. Weight? Height? Nationality? Language? Hairdo?

Oops, forgot to warn my faithful readers:

Moonbat alert!

The subject of this post is rated MD Red (Mental Danger - highest level).

So, who is that person that wants to compare these two men who, on the whole, do not have anything in common? None other than a Rev Ted Pike on his site National Prayer Network.

And what is the common feature that unites the two, according to the Rev. Pike? These two magnificent specimen of human wisdom suffered in the hands of "Thought Crimes Inquisition", it appears.

Amazing, ain't it? Just to remind you - Galileo was fighting for his scientific beliefs and risked getting his arse fried by the Church (that happened to be Catholic in his case). He was forced by Inquisition to renounce his views on the universe and his books were not published from this point.

The second hero could not be said to fight for his scientific beliefs - rather for his feverish imagination, overheated by his hate of the Jooz. He didn't have to protect his backside from fire like Galileo - only from some inmates. Still, facing the prospect of a few years in the nick and kosher food (which one was worse for him is unclear), he played possum immediately, taking back most of his "beliefs".

Not that we (the Elders) support the decision to jail this specific loonie. But the clever Rev. sees clearly through our subterfuge, blaming not the Austrian laws but ...ADL, JDL, B'nai B'rith, you name it and it actually doesn't matter as long as it has Jooz in it.

"They are descendants of the same Jews who financed and masterminded the conquest of Russia in 1917. 1 Such made it a speech crime, punishable by death, for a Russian to identify as Jewish any of the 4,000 Jewish revolutionaries ruling Russia."

" The conviction of David Irving is a chilling wake-up call that hate crimes laws and international enforcement of them are not going to go away. They are vital to the ADL/B'nai B'rith master plan for eventual triumph over Christian civilization."

Next we know, the Reverend will tell us that Inquisition was also a Jewish plot to suppress the progressive Western thought. Argh... we don't want to think what will happen to the Church then...

The Elders are getting tired lately, explaining to all and sundry that this triumph over the whole world is already a thing of the past. So, rest assured, Reverend: the mere fact of your pitiful existence is due to our inherent cruelty. We just want to see you drown in your own bile, spittle and other similar substances.

And, dear Reverend, we like your activities in the IHR - the Institute for Historical Review. We rest assured that while your bosom friend David protects his backside in the Austrian jail, you will work a bit harder to fill the vacuum. We enjoyed this very much:

"...the Department of Anti-Semitism, applauded and advised by B'’nai B'’rith/ADL, is working to create a worldwide "criticism-free zone"” for Jews in the "“New World Order"” that is coming. This report ignores whether criticisms of matters Jewish are true. What must be defended are the sensitivities of the Jewish people! Consequently, relating such unflattering realities as the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile contents of the Talmud and Kabbalah, Jewish origins of bolshevism, Jewish dominance of Hollywood and the media, Jewish control of Congress through AIPAC, Zionist atrocities and abrasiveness in the Middle East is anti-Semitic. It is "“hate."” It does not matter that such facts can be easily and extensively documented, often from impeccable Jewish sources such as the Encyclopedia Judaica."

We must also say that we just love this picture.

The guy depicted in it is our good old comrade Trotsky (in his middle age), by the way. Please let us have more if you can.

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