24 March 2006

Wow, Chris!

This is an update to the previous post dedicated to the strange "creative" habits of Chris McGreal.

Now a friend of our blog that prefers to stay anonymous pointed out a new twist in that bizzare story. It appears that Khalid Amayreh, who apparently is the source of "inspiration" for the intrepid Chris, is not only a Hamas partisan but a Holocaust denier as well. Take a look, I shall not quote this hateful garbage. Follow two pictures of Chris' mentor:

(I just couldn't decide which one I like better)

Ways to go, Chris!

P.S. It appears that that spellchecker I am using is quite prophetic, ain't it:

1. mackerel (dead one, re the smell)
2. meagerly (that about factual component of Chris' produce)
3. miserly (re source usage)