29 March 2006

Questions and answers

Elections notwithstanding, the murky waters of Internet continue bringing up most interesting inquiries. Unlike some other bloggers, I shall be charitable with people who desire knowledge, no matter that their questions are sometimes bizarre and sometimes plain stupid. Instead of just listing the inquiries, I shall answer them! How do you like that novel approach? So, here comes a session of FAQ (pronounce it as you will):

Q: Ben Bernanke jewish?

A: Yes, still Jewish. No change here, and we are monitoring the situation.

Q: Do Jews have sex?

A: Oh boy(girl), you cannot imagine - they go at it as if there is no tomorrow.

Q: Israeli girl sex?

A: That too (see above).

Q: Jews money?

A: Yes. YES. YES.

Q: Israel sex?

A: Yes, it's quirky sometimes.

Q: Sex crimes by jews?

A: Mundane, I would say. A bit of disappointment. Just the other day I... No, take it off-line, please. Our e-mail is there on the upper right side (how to be rude to us).

Q: Farshtunkener dictionary?

A: Usually means "stinky". Applies to almost everything. No, no need to thank me, just keep your distance, that's a good boy.

Q: Al-Thawra bird flu?

A: Re that Al-Thawra position - the questions re sex are thoroughly exhausted, and as far as we know, bird flu is not an STD. Unless the birds... Nah, too weird...

No need to thank me at all, just lay off that keyboard for a while, please.