05 March 2006

Israel leaves Gaza agriculture in crisis

Says tireless Aljazeera.

The Palestine Economic Development Company (PED) says repeated Israeli closures of the export terminal at al-Mintar (Karni) is jeopardising the livelihoods of 4000 Palestinian workers and their families.

Israel, on the grounds of security, regularly closes Karni, which was on Thursday closed for the ninth consecutive day.

On Wednesday, Palestinian officials said they had been told by Israel that the crossing would reopen on Thursday. Later, Israel said it would not reopen because Palestinians were still firing rockets toward Israeli points in the area.

Palestinian resistance fighters frequently fire homemade rockets towards Israel, but they rarely cause any casualties.

(Is it only my personal hypersensitive nose that smells disappointment oozing from that last sentence?)

I have a novel idea for our Gazan neighbors: stop trying to kill us - at the Karni checkpoints, by Qassam rockets or in any other way. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Will they listen - for a change? It's your guess.

P.S. The answer given today to the question above:

Six Qassam rockets fired at Israel, no injuries or damage

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