17 March 2006

EATAPETA day in Las-Vegas

You little anti-Semites out there became restless without the daily feed from this blog, I hear. This is due to some of us being abroad and taking a short vacation from this debilitating occupation.

But don't worry - SimplyJews will be back. With vengeance, too.

Meanwhile I can report on a successful EATAPETA operation in Las Vegas.
D.C. Thornton and I spent a lovely evening with three other participants presented below:

Moona, the first participant, has chosen not to appear here in person, so you get only the generic presentation here, but you can study her succulent parts in detail.

Joceline (above) was not shy at all and agreed to her picture appearing here.

Miriam, too, hasn't expressed any objections to some PR.

We have ensured that all three participants were butchered in the most possibly painful way, since it is an open secret in the gourmet community that adrenaline and other chemicals produced by the animal's glands during stress and suffering enhance the taste of the said animal to no end.

We have not discussed any PETA-related issued during the meal, concentrating instead on food, politics and life in general. I am pleased to report that DCT is one of the nicest persons I ever had the honor to share a table with, and I liked him immensely.

Moona, Joceline and Miriam were mostly silent during our evening together, being general ly in agreement with the speakers.

I should mention one remarkable fact related to this evening: not a single PETA member appeared in vicinity of that shrine of carnivores - Memphis Championship Barbecue on Rainbow Blvd. We were confused a bit by such an apathy displayed by the PETA community. But the real reason for their absence came to light later. It appears that due to the general problem of low IQ related to the too low cholesterol level and lack of essential vitamins, the PETA members arrived to a wrong location, choosing the one on the Warm Spring Rd. There they tried to protest against carnivores by pissing on the back wall of the establishment. This act would have passed totally unnoticed, save for a mishap experienced by one of their team. The poor schlub slipped in a poodle of his own making, breaking a leg and an index finger on his left hand for his trouble. Now he is not only confined to his bed, but the only pastime he is good at - exploring his nasal cavities - is not available to him.

Here is the report by DCT.