10 March 2006

Amerophobia or Islamophobia?

The headline of today's Guardian on-line edition really screams at you:

Islamophobia worse in America now than after 9/11, survey finds

Drop your groceries, people, stop the machines! Islamophobia is rearing its ugly face, and all people of good will must mobilize for the good war on the side of righteous! With the tireless knights of freedom, equality and justice from Guardian leading us, of course.

Er... well... maybe we should read the article first? Let's see what these American Islamophobs are up to.

More than half of Americans believe there are more violent extremists within Islam than in any other religion and that the faith encourages violence against non-Muslims, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll yesterday.

These Yanks are purely impossible, I say. Where could this stupid notion of the violent extremism within Islam come from? From this:

Or, maybe, from this:

Hard to tell...

A majority, 58%, of those interviewed now believe that Islam has more violent followers than any other religion.

Where do these stupid Americans get such a backward idea, beats Suzanne Goldenberg and the usual Guarding flock of faithful readers. It is widely known that the most violent and bloody religion is Buddhism, after all.

I have a humble request to Miz
Goldenberg: please explain how this hysterical headline meshes with the perception of these backward Americans that there is more than just a dollop of violence in Islam and why, for crying out loud, do you call this perception ISLAMOPHOBIA?

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P.S. And apologies for inventing that ugly Amerophobia word, and yes, I know that America is not all USA.