23 March 2006

Sex and money fail to make Germans happy

This is the conclusion made by Luke Harding of Guardian.

They have active sex lives, plenty of money and lots of friends. But according to a new survey Germans are the most pessimistic nation in Europe, with over-50s convinced their circumstances are getting inexorably worse.

As it frequently happens with some Guardian scribes, Luke got it back asswards.

The survey also revealed that Germans enjoy the most energetic sex life in Europe, with sex important for 73% among the over-50s. In Britain the figure is 50%. The British also came last when it came to physical exercise. Only 28% of over-50s in the UK take part in regular physical exercise, the survey revealed, compared with 52% in Germany. In Spain the figure is 47%, and 43% in France.

Which clearly shows that the more you exercise and have sex (which is just a different kind of exercise, let us confess), the less happy you are.

So, Luke, what else is new?