03 March 2006

Mulham Assir 2, or The spitting cobra strikes again

Our poisonous friend that looks suspiciously similar to Omar Sharif is really brimming with ideas. I would like to say brimming like a glass of good claret, but in fact his kind of brimming is more of the cesspit category. This time he is a bit more focused; unlike his previous opus, this article is analyzing the issue of Muhammed cartoons.

"The self-righteous arrogance with which the West feigns shock at Muslim reactions to humiliation reveals how deeply the colonial attitude runs in the Occident, writes Mulham Assir."

"Feigning shock with self-righteous arrogance" is something that will, probably, cause many generations of English language writers to go into a deep shock. Whether is will be a feigned one or which part of it is arrogance, I would prefer not to go into. But this could be a fault of the Al-Ahram translator, so let's move forward.

"The cartoons represent a simple exercise in free speech by the artists who created them, do they not? Not quite. Not so much a spontaneous expression of free speech as a command performance: the cartoons had been commissioned with what seems to be a deliberate intent to provoke."

So, there was a diabolic conspiracy after all. And we all know who usually stands behind the curtain and pulls the strings, don't we? It is not necessary to add anything to the above quote, the people in the know shall understand exactly who the guilty party is. Right, Mulhie?

Probably the imams who so diligently disseminated the cartoons over the Muslim world for half an year, fanning the fires, are also part of that conspiracy? But the spitting cobra does not touch this sensitive issue.

"After all, can one be civilized and object to free speech? It is true that these symbols are a bit shop-worn and the aura of inviolability that used to surround them has thinned as new symbols worthy of worship and taboo protection have emerged, like the Holocaust dogma. Free speech clearly has its restrictions: there are several people at this very moment in the CW's prisons for questioning the literal dogma of the Holocaust."

Aha! Now we came to the real meat of the article. From that imaginary or real slap on the face to the real pain in the neck. One thing remains unanswered, though: the slap on the face came from the Christian world, so why Muslims try, in turn, to slap the Jooz?

"They [the Christians] would have all cued up at the mike to condemn as "virulently anti-Semitic" a cartoon showing, say, Moses with a Dimona diadem, holding aloft Tables that read "Thou shall expel/imprison/kill them and Thou shalt grab every hilltop, every village.""

I have some news for you, Mulhie. Your "powerless" Muslim press is churning out hundreds of cartoons of this type, stupid as they are. And not a single person killed anyone yet, burned some embassy or even "cued up at the mike", whatever that means.

"There is no powerful Muslim lobby to flex its muscles, to choreograph an organized protest, to corral advertisers, to threaten any given newspaper with financial ruin, much less to use the levers of government to demand the world's vigilance against the grave danger of anti-Islamism (the phrase anti-Semitism cannot be used by other Semites; it is occupied lexical territory)."

Poor powerless Muslims, the whole 1.2 billion of them! No lobby, that is the problem. No organised protests (a bit of a misnomer after the last month or two, but so be it). No leverage. Well, aside of waving the Jihad flags and threatening to stop oil supply, of course, but who is concerned with trifles?

And the final insult - the phrase 'anti-Semitism" is occupied by Jooz, the perennial occupiers. No wonder one wants to strap an explosive belt and kill all the hated sons of pigs and diseased monkeys.

A kind advice for you, Mulhie. Stop spending your venom. You can only spit sidewise, anyway, and the only damage you do is to your liver. You better listen to the words of a much, much wiser person on this recording. Maybe there is a chance for you yet.

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