29 March 2006

Diaspora Jews choose Likud in mock elections

This is the headline of a wondrous piece of news from Haaretz.

Likud won the mock elections held among Jewish voters abroad Tuesday, with 44 seats.

Kadima came in second in the Jewish Agency-run election, with 33 seats. National Union-National Religious Party won 15 seats, and the Labor Party got 14.

Some 8,500 Jews abroad, primarily young people and students, voted in the mock elections held at community centers and on college campuses in 85 countries.

Really - Bibi with 44 MKs? Come on, children! There is that Israeli song with words "things that could be seen from here are not seen from there" (or something like this, anyhow). We have already seen enough of Likud and of Bibi to see that this dog will not learn any new tricks.

But the real punch line comes at the end:

Baruch Marzel's far-right party won five seats, and the pro-marijuana Green Leaf party won three.

Wow... What do these youngsters smoke nowadays?