08 March 2006

Hollywood, Shmollywood

These days everyone is either praising or bashing Hollywood. This article from NRO (the distillery of the rightwing voice) is on the side of the bashers and raises some legitimate questions about one-sidedness of this establishment. To remind you - Hollywood is Joo-owned, as it is widely recognized by the left wing media. As such, it could be looked upon as a department of the Elders' outfit gone temporary out of control.

By and large, the NRO article hits the nail on the head. There is nothing to answer to the questions raised. Hollywood is playing a dangerous game, and the name of it is: half truths.

I don't have any special problem with a bit of bashing applied to the corrupt and greedy oil company executives, nor with some creative expose of the late Senator Joe McCarthy (it is really cool of the producer and staff to dare raising this subject!). You know, I didn't even mind that Turkish thriller where the Jewish doctor plays around with Iraqi pre-owned organs. After all, freedom of speech must be guarded, and the tastes of the public are all-important in the free market.

However, the consistent disregard of the issues from the other side of the coin, so succintly presented in NRO, is making the Hollywood crowd nothing more than purveyors of half truths. And it should be noted that half-truth is the more dangerous sibling of outright lie. It plays with brains of the left- and right-wingers and pushes them into the twilight areas of the mind that simple liars don't even dream about.

So, Hollywood - sit up and take heed. The Elders put you on notice. Either straighten out or plan to move to an area more suitable for the half truths you are peddling.

Want a hint re geography of such areas?

Hat tip - our Elder colleague.