11 March 2006

Two views on Iran's nukes

The Ayatollahs have found themselves a supporter of the useful idiot category. IRNA is quite happy about this.

Angelika Beer, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and chair of the Iran delegation in the EP, has called on the European Union not to blindly toe the US policy towards Iran.

"The decision by the IAEA to refer Iran to the UN Security Council gives the thumbs up to the confrontational approach of the US and will seriously damage the chances of a negotiated solution," said Beer, a German member of the EP for the Greens, in a statement issued Friday in Brussels.

Angelika (or her predecessors) probably tied themselves (naked or otherwise) to the gates of the NATO nuclear facilities or power stations to protest against nukes (military or otherwise), but Iranian nukes seem to be relatively benign to the useful idiots everywhere.

IRNA folks also slobber happily over the Pakistan reaction:

"Ummah to side with Iran in case of US-Israel attack: Pak official", says another headline.

Interesting that the term "Pak", that would be considered a racial slur in the West, is freely used by Iran's official organ. But the article itself is more interesting:

In an interview with IRNA here, Maulana Ramzan Tauqir, who is advisor to NWFP Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani, flayed the US and its allies for propagating against Iran's peaceful nuclear programme.

"The aim of US and Israeli threat to Iran is to deviate the attention of the international community from anti-cartoon issue," he pointed out.

Now the diabolical plan of the Zionists is totally out of the closet. They have drawn the cartoons in their secret WMD labs to use the ensuing brouhaha to "propagate" against Iran's oh so peaceful and gentle nukes. Shame on their chutzpah!

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