01 March 2006

Who would have thought?

"Romping Brits cause £350m damage a year", says Ananova who got it from the Sun, so it must be true. The whole story really boggles one's mind.

British couple cause £350million damage each year - by having energetic sex, a new poll reveals. A third of couples broke something during sex and 10% made insurance claims, reports the Sun.Damaged items include lamps, vases and beds - and even pulled down curtains.

Who could have guessed that these folks, considered to be the most well behaved and mild mannered in the whole blue world, could get to all that mayhem and destruction when out of public's eye!

But then, after applying that old bit of logic in reverse: now it is perfectly clear why the whole blue world sees Brits as the most well behaved and mild mannered people. Surely after a night of mayhem and destruction a person will be very, very mild mannered for lack of energy to behave otherwise.

Top ten injuries suffered: 1 Carpet burns; 2 Pulled back; 3 Twisted wrist; 4 Twisted ankle; 5 Bruised bottom; 6 Bruised leg; 7 Grazed elbows; 8 Scratched back; 9 Bumped head; 10 Broken bones.

After studying the list above and conducting a few tests, we have come to a conclusion that all injuries but one are within the realm of natural.

Now - PLEASE explain #4!!!