05 March 2006

Weekly wisecracks

A few miscellaneous headlines with or without pictures from the Yahoo! News page:

Yeah, but why does the guy look so happy when he should be defiant?

Hmm... Them Yurpeans got themselves a nice arrangement. The bird flu spreads in Europe, but people are dying in China...

That's one nice pair of horns Jacques got. A new fashion in Paris or just a misadventure?

That Pakistani guy was using Osama's tips for the stock exchange moves, obviously. Should have thought to ask Osama how not to get to Gitmo...

How much to get that jerk Mugabe stuffed and mounted in one's living room?

The truth is that the headline itself, aside of being hardly comprehensible (all that flowery Gallic imagery), is OK more or less. What cracked me up was:

"Meanwhile, Peugeot-Citroen group (PSA) displayed prototypes of economical hybrid vehicles for the first time, using a combination of electric power and diesel rather than petrol. The group is aiming to market them in 2010."

Yep. I can tell you all about them Citroens. Either the gas prices or the mechanic's bills - one or the other shall get you. Start walking, be my advice.

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