29 March 2006

On the merits of escalation

Meryl has already reported here and here on the Katyusha appearance in the arsenal of at least one gang from the "alphabet soup" of the various similar gangs in the Gaza strip.

Now Jihad Islami - the gang mentioned above - is boasting that they have more of these toys.

The Islamic Jihad, who on Tuesday morning fired for the first time a Katyusha rocket into Israel from the Gaza Strip, announced Wednesday that it has many more of those rockets, Army Radio reported.

The Katyusha rocket has twice the range of the primitive Kassam rocket, is more accurate and can carry more explosives.

An IDF officer called the use of Katyushas, "an escalation on the Gaza battlefield."

Clearly the escalation the IDF officer mentions is what JI desire so much. Clearly, the Katyusha launches are not intended to win the war against IDF, just to get the escalation going.

Then JI and its friends will get the reason for a outcry in the media about the cruel and murderous IDF killing innocent citizens blah blah blah...

And the extreme right in Israel will get the reason for an outcry in the media about cruel and murderous terrorists blah blah blah...

And so on and so on...

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