05 March 2006

From Russia with love

The love, actually, is reserved for the generous hosts (a slip of a finger almost caused me to make it "ghosts", and now I wonder whether it is a ghost of a previous regime that is pulling the ropes now in the labyrinths of Kremlin).

Anyway, what radiates as strong as usual from the Hamas bosses is hate. Here is comes:

Moussa Abu Marzouk, Hamas's deputy political leader, told Reuters in an interview that recognizing Israel would negate all Palestinian rights.

"It means a negation of the Palestinian people and their rights and their property, of Jerusalem and the holy sites, as well as negation of their right of return. Therefore the recognition of Israel is not on the agenda," Abu Marzouk said.

Now notice the follow-up to the above quote:

"We believe that Israel has no right to exist", he added later in remarks to an Arab audience. "Hamas will never take such a step."

As usual, the Yasser double-tongued way of selective dissemination of messages: some in English and some in Arabic. Amazingly simple trick that works perfectly for an amazingly long time.

And you know what? I believe the delivery in Arabic, and don't blame me.

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