31 March 2008

Max Mosley, friendly hookers and more spanking

If the alleged story is true,

Max Mosley, president of motorsports' governing body FIA, is under pressure after a British tabloid reported Sunday that he engaged in sex acts with prostitutes that involved Nazi role- playing.

Mosley, the son of British Union of Fascists founder Sir Oswald Mosley, is alleged to be seen on a video that shows him screaming orders in German and lashing girls wearing concentration camp uniforms.

The man on the video - allegedly Mosley - is also seen to be whipped by the prostitutes before engaging in sexual acts. He then drank a cup of tea with them.
it probably explains something about the infamous dad. Apples, trees and all this botany..

Spanking and fascist leanings - could be a fascinating subject. Not for me, though.

Which gives me an opportunity to ask my British friends a question they might want to answer: quite a while ago I have written a post titled "Time for some spanking, Bibi?". Since then, about 90% of the hits for this post come from UK. Any special reasons?