20 March 2008

Russian parents, beware

Beware Russian parents. Keep watch over your children before the coming of April 2008, the Jewish holiday of Passover. These disgusting people still engage in ritual practice to their gods. They kidnap small children and remove some of their blood and use it to prepare their holy food (matza). They throw the bodies (of the children) out in garbage dumps.
Nope, it is not a quote from some XIX century anti-Semitic pamphlet. It comes from a text distributed in fair Russian city of Novosibirsk these days.
Hundred of anti-Semitic announcements warning Russian parents to beware of the supposed Jewish practice of using children's blood to prepare Passover matza were put up around the city of Novosibirsk, Russia in southwest Siberia on Wednesday.

Amos Hermon, the Jewish Agency official in charge of the fight against anti-Semitism, told Ynet following the incident in Novosibirsk that "this is an appalling and extraordinary incident.
Beg your pardon, Mr Hermon - this is where you are mistaken. While the incident is appalling, it is in no way extraordinary.

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Update: for readers of Russian here is the text.

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