16 March 2008

I smell a rat too

"Patient smells a rat", says the headline.

A Hertfordshire teenager refused a knee operation - after surgeons told him there could be a dead rat in the operating theatre.

The teenager, who had waited 11 months for the knee op, told The Sun: "He said the smell didn't represent a health risk but I was appalled.

"I asked him, 'If you were me would you have the operation?' He looked at me and said 'no', so I decided there and then I wasn't going to go ahead.

A spokesman for the town's Queen Elizabeth II hospital said the operation would be rescheduled.
11 months in wait for operation, then you get a dead rat in the surgery room, then the event to be rescheduled again.

Tell you what: I smell a rat too, but not of the Rattus rattus species. Rather of the usual, you know, leftover bits and pieces under the operating table.

Doctors... NHS... duh...