15 March 2008

Photohunt: I spy

The theme for this week is "I spy".

It's an excellent subject that allows you to report on anything you want to report about. I cannot say that my spying business is very exciting. But a week ago I spied on the most exciting season here in Israel - the spring. It is almost here, and the weekend in question was very hot, thanks to khamsin - a hot wind coming from the desert. Happens every year around this time.

Still, it was an opportunity to check on the spring's advance in the Lachish area. So here is a brief report. Two of the shots I made were already out. Here are a few more. The forest one:

And a lizard using the first hot day to warm up in the sun:

And that amazing team of hundreds of caterpillars working together on a common (what - cocoon? - I wish I knew more about them) shelter.

And this lonely flower over an entrance of a cave - somehow different and beautiful.

Well, there is more, but you are tired by now and have lots of blogs to visit.

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