07 March 2008

David against ???

Of course, the automatic response to the question mark will be "Goliath". In this case, which is David Hirsh against Seumas Milne, it is not that straightforward.

To start with, this David is not that small - in any sense, especially where sheer brainpower is concerned. Don't have to sing hosannas in this case.

The Goliath, on the other hand, is definitely a case of a mental midget, who stands for everything a normal person will hate, who will do his puny best to defend any atrocious regime and any bloody bunch of killers on one condition only - that the regime and/or the bunch be thoroughly anti-Western, anti-USA, anti-Israeli. Guardian's own Stalinist and comment editor Seumas Milne has never failed to nauseate me so far, and his latest piece is not a breath of fresh air. Full of lies and half-truth, as is the habit of this creep.

However, in terms of his influence - his leadership of the baying horde of the Guardian's regulars - he could be considered somewhat of a Goliath, even when the hono(u)r is doubtful.

So wiping a floor with St. Seumas another time is always a worthy deed. And if you read his response, which is full of lies again, you can at least feel that he was hurt where it counts.


Update: Norm weighs in.