07 March 2008

Photohunt: Different

The theme for this week is "Different".

So I scared up for this week three different different things. The first one is slightly different:

Hoopoe is a slightly different bird. Alsthough widespread, its unusual beak and plume make it distinctive. And nice, I think.

Now to a more different thing:

This bush on the left is a parasite, frequently found around here. Not having a central stem of any significance, it grows into a tangle of huge dimensions (I kept the tree on the right to give you a sense of its size). It is so dense and springy that you can use it as a comfortable mattress for sunbathing, of course if you are not too lazy to climb to its top. Unfortunately, I don't know its name.

And to a really different thing:

The "designer" of this outstanding roadsign meant to say that if you turn right you will find a tourist information office. He/she meant well...

I am afraid my visits will have to be spread over the next week, but I'll do my best. Have a great weekend ya'll!

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