10 March 2008

Sarah Lacy vs Mark Zuckerberg - nah...

The fascinating story is told here in too much details. Since the cruel act of murder by Facebook I couldn't care less about all this. So you get treated to another picture.

Why is this tulip so full of bugs, what kind of bugs they are and what are they doing there? Questions, questions... I better steer them to an expert. Or, rather, expert's boyfriend.


Erik said...

I dare say, after encountering purely by accident your site, I have to agree with grumpy old uncle Hitler, jews are rather a spot of bother for the rest of the human race, oh well, we survived worse. ;)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

And whom do you mean by "we", Erikkk? Unless you are, to take one example, a Chinese fellow, your chances to belong to those who "survived" Jews are somewhat slim.

You may tell your old uncle that he needs to send you to school for some history lessons.