11 March 2008

A case of stunning hypocrisy

It could be summarized just by copying the headline from Haaretz:

Kuwaiti analyst: Best if Israel, not U.S., destroys Iranian nukes

Still here is a quote:

The destruction of Iran's nuclear capabilities would be in the interest of the Arab nations in the Gulf, and it would be less embarrassing if it was done by Israel rather than the U.S., a top Kuwaiti strategist said in remarks published Sunday.
It could be educational to trace the devious logic of the learned analyst.
  1. We are afraid of Iran, that is a given
  2. We don't want ever to be seen as Iran's enemies
  3. We'll be glad to see Iranian power in the region waning
  4. The only ones who could or would give Iran a beating are Americans or these damn Israelis
  5. But we don't like Americans, our friends and protectors, to be linked to it, cause it will embarrass us by reference
  6. So let the Zionists do it - then we can always say that it's another dastardly atrocity by the usual dastardly Zionists
  7. And kill two birds with one stone, then relax on our fat arses and count the petrodollars pouring in
There is a laughably stupid question the analyst (one Sami al-Faraj) is asking:
The question is what would it do if it [Iran] were a nuclear nation?
The answer is so glaringly obvious, Mr al-Faraj: continue relaxing on your fat arses and count the petrodollars pouring in. You know it, dontcha?

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