24 March 2008

The labor of hate - part I

It so happened that soon after finishing the Russian parents, beware post, I have received a link to a Russian-made movie made sometime in 2005. Seeing its first few frames, I was inclined to quit immediately. After all, the title of the movie is "Russia stabbed in the back" (precise translation is "Russia with a knife in the back"), its subtitle is "Jewish Fascism and the genocide of the Russian people".

But seeing the surprised reaction of some friends who considered the case described in "Russian parents, beware" to be an isolated outbreak of anti-Semitic plague, I have decided to give the movie my full attention. If only to show that the blood libel episode described in that post is only a symptom of a much more serious malady that continues to eat its way into the very heart of Russia, that great and unfortunate nation that for so many years cannot find its way to true democracy and true freedom.

The movie clearly shows that:

  1. The blood libel case is only a single incident in a well-organized anti-Semitic campaign
  2. The campaigners are numerous and occupy positions of power and influence in modern Russia
  3. The worst and more revolting incidents in rich Russian tradition of anti-Semitic libel are alive and well, being tirelessly revived
It is with heavy heart that I come to this task.

The introduction to the movie declares its purpose unequivocally:
To Russian people - now duped, occupied and robbed by a cruel and cynical gang of disparate anti-Russian bastards, that occupied corridors of power, the media, publishing houses and banks, ministerial cabinets and parliament chairs… This is a film about the devastating Jewish dominance in modern Russia. The film is about a Jewish fascism and purposeful genocide of Russian people, about diabolical satanic cult of Talmudic Judaism, its terrible inhumane faith. Our film is about a Russian hope for a quick escape from the yoke of hateful enemy. It's about the traitors of the Russian people and about Russian heroes. About selfish collaborators and about people devoted to the Russian spirit and the Russian national liberation movement.
So, the guns are being trained and the intentions are clear. Watch who is behind the guns, though...

Konstantin Dushenov, the main drive behind the production and its anchor, is a chief editor of a paper "Orthodox Russia". A quote from the man to establish his credentials:
Denigrators and haters of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ send us, the Russian people, their curse, not only from the synagogues of Tel Aviv and Haifa. No. Now many of them are sitting in the spacious government's and Duma's cabinets in the heart of Russia, Moscow. And until they sit there, we will all die slowly in the stench of captivity under kikes' brutal anti-Russian, anti-believer yoke.
The movie starts with a long tribute to Mitropolit (archbishop) Ioann of St. Petersburg and Ladoga, in whose honor the movie was made to start with.

Would you believe that this, seemingly nice and full of spirit face of a "kind shepherd of Russian souls" belongs to one of the worst anti-Semites of the second half of the XX century? You better believe it, at least after reading this and this. The man has certainly learned well the lessons of his Jew-hating predecessors:
A Russian repeats: the kikes ruined Russia. In those three words there is a tortured moan, and the heart-rending shriek, and gnashing of teeth...
A clarification from my earlier post:

"Жиды погубили Россию": or, phonetically, "Zhidi pogubili Rossiyu". Or, in plain English: "The kikes ruined Russia". This call, familiar for the last two hundreds years (at least) of Russian history, frequently uttered just before (or in the middle of) throwing up due to excessive intake of cheap vodka, is nothing new. Not always, though, it is related to sheer drunkenness alone. It was and is used quite seriously on many occasions when a handy explanation for a recent disaster or any other event is required...

As you can imagine, our kind archbishop, being the chief religious cleric for an area with some six million population, has ample influence on thoughts and dreams of many a Russian, not necessarily of religious persuasion...

And he has done a lot, not only in his sermons, but in his books and pamphlets, warning about the "alien" invasion of the Russian soil and Russian soul.

Our next hero comes from a somewhat surprising direction:

Yes, it is Gennady Zyuganov, the chief of Russian communist party. You might ask - what is it that unites the atheist communist with anti-semitic elements of Russian Orthodox Church (no, not the whole church is anti-semitic)? Well, Zyuganov gives an answer - readily and without hiding behind political correctness of his Western comrades*:
Mitropolit has rightly warned against the invasion of alien elements and he was open and pure, talking about it at the time when it was difficult to talk about it.
The real pain and nostalgia come through when Zyuganov sings hosannas to Stalin: yes, he was a Georgian but he absorbed the Russian spirit (more on Stalin to follow).

(*) In general, anti-Semitic propaganda in Russia does not buy into the cowardly practice of their Western "colleagues" and doesn't use "Zionist" where "Jew" will suffice. Really a refreshing change.

Meanwhile back to our anchor.
Unlike the Tzars of the past , the current rulers of the country look at the governing differently. But who really holds the reins [penetrating look at the camera]? Jews were foremost in destroying the great empire (immediately illustrated).

That picture doesn't leave any doubts about the meaning of "great empire" to our host.
Gorbachev and Eltzin only strengthened the Jewish hand, and with emergence of Putin the situation hasn't changed. In 2003 Putin, answering the question of the viewers on TV interview, said that the slogan "Russia for Russians" is only for retards.
This Putin's utterance - quite on target where the xenophobic slogan is concerned - seems to have an inordinately strong effect on Mr Dushenov, who keeps returning to it several times during the movie. Obviously he feels it was a personal insult. So, what about Putin?

Well, some say he is Jewish, some say he isn't. But it really doesn't matter - he is managing the country badly.
Yep - who would have thought that Vladimir Vladimirovich will become a suspect?

This picture of Putin entering one of the great rooms of Kremlin is accompanied by Hava Nagila.
Now don't say that the creators of the movie are devoid of sense of humor...

To be continued here.


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