19 March 2008

Got a spare kidney for a minister?

In a sense. The kidney in question is not meant to save a life of a minister, rather the opposite - to croak the minister in question. In fact, you have got a choice of three targets: Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Mossad Chief Meir Dagan orHead of Military Intelligence Amos Yaron.

The initiative comes from an NGO (so to speak) - an Iranian students organization calling itself Islamic Student Justice Seekers.

The Justice Seekers also called for volunteers to donate a kidney in order to offer the money acquired via the act to increase the financial prize.
Is the Iranian treasury so down on funds these days that they should resort to such amateurish methods?

But this post is not just about the Justice Seekers and their foray on the health domain. Look at this picture:

Aside of the call to invest your money or organs into the demise of the threesome pictured on the poster, it states quite clearly, and in the best Queen's English what exactly should be done with Israel. I'm curious: what will Juan Cole and his ilk make of this statement? Blame the Iranian translators this time?

Another refreshing detail - the poster says "Israel" and not "Zionist entity" or some such. Interesting...

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