10 March 2008

So what?

Right-wing activist to be compensated for being called 'Shin Bet agent'

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court on Thursday ruled that extreme right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir would receive NIS 36,000 in compensation for slander after being called a "Shin Bet agent" by another person.
"Another person" is Barry Hamish, the co-author of "Shin Bet killed Rabin" conspiracy theory.
A crackpot calls a psycho names. Psycho sues. Crackpot pays. So what?

LAW rocket found in Tel Aviv apartment
An anti-tank LAW rocket was found Wednesday in an apartment in northern Tel Aviv. The rocket was seized following an intelligence report given to the Tel Aviv District Police.
A person wants to keep a souvenir from his army service. So what?

Poll: More Americans are pro-Israeli
New Gallup survey reveals Israel is one of five countries Americans feel most favorably about; Palestinian Authority ranks near bottom along with Iran, North Korea.
So Bibi will be invited for a round of lectures again. Mahmoud Abbas will not be. So what?